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The vast majority of poor health and disease starts with poor gut health. So if we don't heal the gut, we don't heal the body. I want to help you do exactly that - heal your gut to heal your health! That is why I created the Trust Your Gut Membership.

I have set out on the mission to help people discover on their own how to be truly healthy and live the life they deserve. Empower yourself to stop needlessly suffering and start taking control of your health. 



Poor Gut Health 

Autoimmune disease

Food allergies

Brain Fog and Mood Swings

Skin Conditions

Seasonal allergies



The Trust Your Gut Membership is designed to provide you with ongoing monthly support for healing your gut and healing your life. 


  • Educational Courses
    Complimentary and discounted educational courses on gut health, better sleep, how to exercise for maximal health, dealing with emotional stress, safe detoxification and so much more.
    Including 12 Months To A Healthy Gut
  • Recipes & Food Lists
    12 months worth of meal plans, recipes, and shopping guides to help you make informed, easy decisions when fueling your body.
  • Interactive Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls
    Scheduled with the latest trending topics and Q&A time so that you can get direct feedback from Dr. Rodney & his team.
  • Downloadable PDF Resources
    Lifestyle prescriptions, questionnaires, supplement protocols and so much more.
  • Emerging Research Summaries
    Insights from industry experts about the latest functional medicine news.
  • Product Discounts
    Special promotions and coupon codes for recommended products and supplements.



I felt at a total loss with my health as if nothing were going to make the pain go away but Dr. White was able to get my health back to normal. He not only saved my health but my sanity.

A. Larsen

Dr. White's coaching and willingness to keep looking for answers have allowed my daughter to continue working and have a life, which is looking brighter every day.

T. Storer

I have had a huge change in my quality of life in just a few weeks. My only regret is I didn't find him years ago!!

J. Holdcroft

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Dr. Rodney White



Chiropractor, Health Coach, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur


Healthcare has somehow lost its way so badly that it's no longer actually about health or caring, and I want to change that!

I was thankfully born into a family where frequent outdoor exercise, healthy eating, and supplement use were the norm. So becoming a Chiropractor was a natural step for me. 

But that doesn't mean my health was always perfect - in fact far from it. I suffered from chronic allergies and ear infections as a child, and even had tubes in my ears (this failed like it does for so many people). Other than those early years though, I was reasonably healthy, or so I thought.

I then entered my late twenties and suddenly a not so great diet started catching up with me and I started to suffer from terrible gut issues (I later learned I had leaky gut and had to set about fixing it), became 30 pounds overweight for the first time in my life, and suffered from very poor sleep.

This was the final straw I needed to really start diving deeper into what true health is, beyond the surface stuff that I was doing that I thought equated to "good health." As I journeyed deeper into what true health really meant, I also saw how frustrated people were becoming with traditional healthcare, and the lack of caring or individual game plans.

So, through my Chiropractic clinics, my one on one health coaching, and now my membership group coaching, I have set out on the mission to help people discover on their own how to be truly healthy and live the life they deserve. 

Hopefully, as more people find doctors and other practitioners who truly care about their patients, and truly want to help them become healthy, we can finally break the old model of healthcare and bring a far better model out into the world.

I'm excited to help you along your health journey!

Dr. Rodney